God I suck at Archvis

I had do do some very quick Archvis recently. I quickly discovered that turning an artist’s sketches into a 3D object isn’t always easy. Here’s the WIP.


Abilix robot kits

A few of the Abilix robot kits I’m modelling for our publicity department. They will end up being rendered into various scenarios.


A nice pint of beer

Trying to learn some new skills in Blender. It makes it.. too easy.


ISS model render

Model making with ISS components. I must finish this at some point. It’s too clean.


What impresses me is how fast this renders. Using object-based lighting and full GI, this image still renders in just a couple of minutes on the GPU. A few years back, this would have had to be an overnight render. You have to love progress.


Blender shape doodle


Blender doodle – Some shapes on a piece of paper.


Stanford Dragon render

Aged Copper/Brass, rendered with Cycle’s Pointiness geometry attribute. Model by the Stanford Graphics Lab.


I love Blender’s Cycles renderer

First entry. Dragon and Buddha, as featured on Blendernation.

Rendered using Blender’s Cycles engine. Renders in minutes on the GPU