Grossballs – Blender

A bit of late-night / early morning experimentation and learning.

Spacex ITS Wallpaper

Same as before, but rendered for my wallpaper. Elon Musk image by the excellent @The_Red_Dress (Website)


My favourite fruit


Testing out the GPU-SSS in Blender 2.77 pre-release 2

I love this shape

A sort of modern take on the Cornell box with my favourite shape, the interwoven sphere.


So, I’ve decided to do some 3D printing.


So, I’ve decided to do some 3D printing with Shapeways. Starting with basic shapes, I whipped this up in Blender. I think I want to make geometric jewellery. Now, what to make next?

God I suck at Archvis

I had do do some very quick Archvis recently. I quickly discovered that turning an artist’s sketches into a 3D object isn’t always easy. Here’s the WIP.


Abilix robot kits

A few of the Abilix robot kits I’m modelling for our publicity department. They will end up being rendered into various scenarios.


A nice pint of beer

Trying to learn some new skills in Blender. It makes it.. too easy.


ISS model render

Model making with ISS components. I must finish this at some point. It’s too clean.


What impresses me is how fast this renders. Using object-based lighting and full GI, this image still renders in just a couple of minutes on the GPU. A few years back, this would have had to be an overnight render. You have to love progress.