Blender 2.8: A bit hard surface practice

I haven’t had much time recently to get up to speed with Blender 2.8. While waiting for a casserole to cook, I thought I’d model the first thing that came to hand.

Ok. Another mechanical keyboard

People love these 40% keyboards. I don’t know how functional they really are.
Anyway, here’s a NASA themed one.

So… I have a new obsession

So… I have discovered mechanical keyboards.  I couldn’t resist rendering ones I want to have.

Testing Blender 2.79 features.

Testing out some of the features of Blender 2.79;  Shadow catcher, Micro-displacement and Principled BSDF material.

Grossballs – Blender

A bit of late-night / early morning experimentation and learning.

Spacex ITS Wallpaper

Same as before, but rendered for my wallpaper. Elon Musk image by the excellent @The_Red_Dress (Website)